Parents Of Suicide
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Shelia Milam
Orlando, Florida
Mother of

My name is Shelia Milam. My husband's name is Don Milam. We will be married 28 years this year. We met in New Jersey. Don went into the military shortly after we were married and we lived in Texas, Oklahoma and Virginia. After Don got out of the Army we settled down in New Jersey. We have 2 children. John Elvio born 1-30-74 adopted at age 10 died 1-31-01 of gun shot wound and Kelly Diane born 3-17-77. We also had 9 foster children. Vicki 1967 attempted suicide by drinking a bottle of rubbing alcohol, Mark 1968, Chris 1971, Billy 1971, Elvio 1974, Melanie 1976, Theresa 1980 and Jennifer 1983. Mark is still very close to us and has blessed us with a grandson Erik Tyler 1997.
I am a head and spinal cord injury rehab nurse. I have worked private duty with the same patient for 11 years. All my patients wear halo's. Don is retired government civilian. We have lived in Orlando Florida since 1988. Together we will share the joy of our daughter's marriage on 10-6-01 when we add a son-in-law Ronnie 1976 to our family.

Carol Sykes
Leeds Yorkshire, England
Mother of
Nichola "Niki" Jayne(22)
AOL Screen Name: NIK1SMUM

Nichola was 22 and died by hanging. She was also 8 months pregnant. Her baby was a girl and we named her Olivia Jayne.

Joyce & Mick Angrave
Leicester, England
Mother of
Karen (33)

My husband's name is Mick, we've been together for 26 years. I have 3 surviving daughters and 11 grandchildren. My first GREAT GRANDCHILD is due to be born any day now. My hobbies are gardening, reading and the computer.

Deanna Tomkins
Iowa, USA
Mother of
Steve (15)

Picture taken Oct. 29, 2000
From left to right:
Steve, Andy, Deanna and Matt Tomkins

RI POS Mini Retreat
April 21-23, 2001

Featured: from left-right back row:
Karen mom to Kevin (BOD of Samaritans Safe Place, (RI)
Ginny mom to Vance
Sharon mom to Brandon
Argia mom to Raphael

Trish mom to Melissa

Sandy Ogle
Maryville TN
Mother of
Rodney Kevin Ogle(29)
IM: sndogl

In the picture From left to right:
Sandy, Brooke, Rod, Ryan (Rod's nephew), and Martin Ogle (Rod's Dad)

On March 6, 2000, Rod used a 20 gauge shotgun to end his life. He was my only son, and I love and miss him so bad. This picture was taken Christmas Day of 1994. Rod's newborn daughter, Brooke, came home from the hospital on this date

Mary Pearson
Wisconsin, USA
Mother of
KEITH (16)

Willis Day
Copper Hill, Va.
Father of
Nathan (22)

This picture of my beautiful Nathan was taken shortly before his 15th birthday in 1993. He died on January 24, 2001 at the tender age of 22. It is my favorite picture of he and I and was taken by his oldest brother Ted on the Blue Ridge Parkway. If you enlarge the picture, you can see Nate's oldest sister Alysia setting in the truck.

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